Noeled is a manufacturing company specializes in design and creation of ecological packaging.
- The team uses the Japanese technology of "Economical production", when the cost is formed through flexibility.

All our caps except model 1 (KTO67) are designed with threads.
In 2019 we were the first in the world who invented and run production of plastic-free screw caps, and we are very proud of it. Each cap has a replaceable membrane that protects the product from air ingress.

Absolutely all our products are made from solid wood. This is due to small caps size. That’s why we don’t use wood glue in the packaging production.
We take wood from local suppliers. Mostly these are neighboring manufactories, within a radius of 2-3 km. This is a raw material that does not fit them in size for making furniture.
From time to time we come and pick up a tree that was left for us in the woodworking process. This is unique texture, special living material with knots that will not turn into coals, it will be given a new life. A life that takes on special meaning through touch.

-Our packaging is reusable, so it’s suitable for reuse.

-In production processes there is no consumption of water resources.

-We are developing a range of products for wholesale customers on a monthly basis.

- All our products are laboratory tested and their quality is confirmed by appropriate certificates.

Noeled will change the way you think about tree. We don’t stop working on new technologies and ideas and very soon the world will see them as well.

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